This was a campaign for a business that worked to help businesses manage their online reputation. Aware that online reviews were quickly replacing word of mouth, they created products that helped businesses and their customers be aware of different review sites, and their power to convey the quality of their business to the world.

This particular campaign involved a series of symbols for each review site (they were not, and are still not affiliated with any of these sites). They were seeking a consistent branding that alleviated confusion as to where the merchandise came from.

This companies core product was these lucite plaques that convey some of the better reviews that a business received to clients in their establishment. These visualizations were rendered in 3D modeling software to give us complete control over lighting and reflection (a major problem with photographing this product in real life), and also to give us the ability to swap out graphics without haveing to set up a studio photography session each time graphics are created or updated.

The remaining images below are all simulations of various  products that were being considered to help clients convey the importance of their customers reviewing them online (preferably in a positive light). These are also simulations rendered in 3D software, or created in Adobe Photoshop.

Logo and Business Card

Often the first step in creating branding.


Newspaper Advertising

West Hawaii Today

West Hawaii Today is the Big Island's local daily newspaper.

My full time job from 2008-2012, I was responsible for producing a large portion of the advertising that was printed in the paper. This was a fast paced environment with a large range of different clients.


Logo and Decal